National parks, fieldwork, and other news..

We had a couple of fantastic trips to national parks, walking and camping around the coastline and discovering beaches and swimming holes in the forest, awesome.  Shortly afterwards I ran away to the field for another field season. Lucy came to join me after two weeks. We’ve been having a lovely time out here despite some dramatic and changeable weather. A friend measured the temperature as 58°C/136°F on the ground one day, and a few days on, we are now experiencing some of the highest rainfall in years – 70mm in 12 hours and expected to last 48 hours more.  The creeks are 6 feet up, the roads are all closed and we are marooned at the field station, down to our last few bars of chocolate and crate of beer – so things may get ugly. I’ll let you know how that goes…

Last field season, a film crew from UNSW made a short video of life at Fowlers Gap with sections on both of our projects, which is now up on YouTube – here it is:



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