James is running the Sydney Marathon!

Folks: I will be running my first ever marathon on Sept 16th! Help me raise money for my Mum Hilary‘s *amazing* charity, the South Sinai Foundation  – supporting the Sinai Bedouin, some of the poorest and most marginalized people on earth.

This will help fund one of her many projects. The Bedu risk life and limb to help tourists and pilgrims injured on Mount Sinai, where (unbelievably) there is not a single person with formal rescue training or equipment. My target of £1500 will completely equip and train a Bedouin rescue team.

Mohamed Khedr, Coordinator of the Foundation in Sinai

Mohamed, pictured here, saved a man’s life a couple of months ago who had trekked off alone without a guide, fallen and broken his leg. The local hospital refused to lend him a stretcher, so he and his friends improvised with a plank of wood and their headcloths, bringing the man to safety on a camel. He would have died alone in the mountains.

You can learn more and donate at: https://www.justgiving.com/jdjgilbert; in the UK it’s as simple as texting “BEDU99 £X” to 70070 (where X is the amount you wish to donate).

I am currently training in the field – in the outback – which makes for some gorgeous scenery on the long runs.  I’ll miss that when I get back to Sydney, but I certainly won’t miss having to carry a radio and emergency GPS beacon while I’m running!  I will also have to do a week of my training in Daegu, Korea, where I’ll be for a conference in a few weeks’ time, which should prove interesting.  I’ll update occasionally with progress.


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